Wait is over Blackberry users can now have Xobni

Great news for all you very patient Blackberry owners out there following an article over on top10.co.uk which reports of news of Xobni

After a rather long wait and apparently a long period of development it seems the wait is now over and for all you BlackBerry users can now actually download the Xobni inbox synchronising service to your smartphones.

The Xobni application will cost just over £6 for the initial download that then it will require a subscription of approx £2.50 each month. This app not only keeps emails and messages consistent but also it will sort your inbox so that your most important and relevant are nearest the top.

Those contacts that start a conversation will automatically be given their own profile and then ranked based on frequency and type of messages exchanged. Various BlackBerry smartphones are compatible including the BlackBerry Storm2 and the Curve 8900.

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