Okay, Now Windows Phone 7 Will Get Copy and Paste?

I posted earlier an article that Microsoft confirmed that Windows Phone 7 Series will not support the copy and paste function; you can read the article (here). However, now according to an article over on istartedsomething, Windows Phone 7 will get copy and paste albeit eventually.

Apparently they heard from “someone close to the den” that copy and paste is definitely a scenario and feature the team ( I presume Microsoft Windows team) is putting a lot of thought about with a view to bringing the feature to the platform after release.

Also apparently the development team knows exactly how they will implement copy and paste in Windows Phone 7 Series, but are holding off as not to affect the release schedule and thus it will be included in a later update.

Hmm, seems to me someone is leading people around the garden path with this one, either Microsoft or this unnamed someone. So does this mean Microsoft lied when they said WP7S will not support copy and paste?

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