Why Windows Phone 7 Lacks Copy and Paste

No doubt Microsoft’s announcement that their Windows Phone 7 Series won’t support copy and paste has cause a bit of a storm as most look on copy and paste as a basic feature which should be on most smartphones.

However, according to an article over engadget, Microsoft has now ‘set the record straight’ as to why copy and paste isn’t included in Windows Phone 7.

Apparently, Microsoft has stated that based on user research people simply don’t use copy and paste often, and thus Windows Phone 7 Series uses a system wide data detection service that recognises such stuff as addresses and phone numbers so the user can take action on them.

The word is 3rd-party apps can link into the service so email addresses can be routed to the email client of the user’s preference. But as far as copy and paste goes, Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have it and isn’t about to get it.

So there it is folks, you don’t use copy and paste often enough so Microsoft believes that you have no need for it, what do you say, do you want copy and Paste or not?


One thought on “Why Windows Phone 7 Lacks Copy and Paste”

  1. Julie Featherstrom says:

    Don’t you think Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Sergey & Larry will be rolling around on the floor, laughing about the dysfunctional state of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series?

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