Windows Phone 7 Series Now has 3 Devices

Well what do you know; it appears that the Windows Phone 7 Series device line-up has now expanded. Up until now we knew there were at least two devices for Windows Phone 7, the Asus handset shown off during Mobile World Congress 2010 and the WP7 slider coming out of LG rumoured to be the LG Panther.

However, it appears that a new handset from Samsung will be joining the Asus and LG Windows Phone 7 compatible handsets reports an article over on engadget.

Obviously this is all very early stage so there are no hard and fast details on specs with this new Samsung Windows Phone 7 Series device, but no doubt more will be revealed over time.

Obviously this Samsung handset must fall within the required specification laid down by Microsoft to be considered for Windows Phone 7 Series, but other than that I can’t offer any more insight at present.

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