Amplicom PowerTel M6000 Mobile Phone, perfect for seniors

There are many hi-tech phones out there on the market but can be a little too complicated for seniors, well thanks to Amplicom PowerTel they have senior’s best interest at hear. They now have the M6000 Phone with big buttons.

The Amplicom PowerTel M6000 directed at the 4.5million people in the UK over 65 who do not have a mobile phone, this mobile phone is so simple to use and has very loud ringtone and amplified sound.

The main features includes: Large colour display, Simple to use with large buttons, Emergency Button, Amplified Volume, Hearing-Aid Compatible M4 / T4 and Bluetooth.

You can buy the Amplicom PowerTel M6000 Big Button Mobile Phone for only £102.17, for more information and the option to buy now please visit Silver Phone.


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  1. ruthpenafiel says:

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