March Madness on Demand NCAA Basketball Championships for iPhone

March Madness is here and the NCAA Championships is very popular indeed for the iPhone, college basketball is big business and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is what you all want and so much so, you can now have it on your Apple iPhone.

The reason this is called March Madness is because there will be a staggering 32 games packed into just 2 days, CBS Interactive has its very own app for the iPhone that costs only $10 and once installed on your device you can watch every NCAA tournament game.

Nothing better than tapping on the touchscreen to pull up stats whilst streaming videos, you can get insight to scores and see in-progress games and then switch to that video feed. You can pause action or even go back 30-seconds to see an awesome part of play again, not only can you do the above it can also connect you with Facebook and Twitter accounts from with the app.

There is Demand for push notifications for this year’s March Madness, let the app alert you when a certain game about a team is about to start, there are so many good factors here. March Madness on Demand app also features scoreboards, news, updated tournament bracket and video highlights.

For more in-depth information please visit BloomBerg Business Week, have fun. Image via DuniyaLive.com

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