BlackBerry OS 6.0 emerges allegedly

Research in Motion the Canadian mobile phone maker as we know is already planning to enhance the experience it offers to its users through new software solutions and devices. An article over on news.softpedia.com gives us the latest.

Some screenshots claimed to be the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6.0 have been leaked, and at a glance one would say that RIM is definitely moving in the direction of enhancing the end user experience to making the OS less business orientated than it was before.

The screenshots showed up on the internet on BBLeaks which has said that Research in Motion seem to be going in the correct direction where the user experience is involved.

You can clearly see widgets on the home screen which could mean that RIM have actually adopted the same approach as Google did with their Android OS. Although these are not confirmed if they are they do show that the next update for the BlackBerry OS comes with more graphic enhancements than the current 5.0 operating system.

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