Tiger Woods Text Messages to Joslyn James: 122 texts on website

Not one for gossip but we have said that text messages can get you into trouble, well the latest news and hot news at that comes via New York Post about Tiger Woods text messages to Joslyn James.

Tiger Woods, is getting ready for the Golf Masters 2010 next month, and he could do without this sort of publicity, well it seems Joslyn James has other ideas as she has posted 122 text messages on her very own website.

Porn star James put these lewd text messages on her website that were sent to her from the golf star, one message said “I want to . . . throw you around, spank and slap you,”

For in-depth information please visit New York Post, for all those out there including you Tiger, have you never thought about training each other “Read and Delete”, this will keep you out of trouble. Tut Tut


3 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Text Messages to Joslyn James: 122 texts on website”

  1. CLB says:

    This immoral, shameless wh**e is doing this out of spite and revenge! She wanted money from Tiger but could not get any. Well, there is no surprise here because this is what you get when you put trash with trash… more trash!!!

  2. craaze says:

    If ya'll think Tiger Text is the best fake texts app, you are WRONG!!! This app actually tricks my girlfriend and parents into thinking they see my real texts. It's at faketexts.com… sumthin like that…called FakeTexts though. Fuh real!!!

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