Windows Phone 7 advert more info on copy -paste

As we are all now aware Microsoft unveiled the Windows Phone 7 series during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona however, precise details on the abilities of the operating system have only just emerged.

Thanks to a report over on news.softpedia.com we now have more information for you. There is a new video advertisement for you to look at which shows just how the Windows Phone 7 can slot into your life.

Also there is more information on the much talked about issue surround the copy and paste issue. It would also appear that there is a sneak preview of a possible leaked LG handset.

South Korean mobile phone maker LG is already known to be planning the launch of a Windows Phone 7 series device and that has now appeared during MIX10 although it seems that the new handset has been spotted in the wild. The issue surrounding the lack of copy and paste seems to have been resolved as Microsoft didn’t think this was a feature that users would require it is said to be available after the launch.

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