Canada’s Fido Offers Cheapo Refurbished iPhone 3G 8GB

If you are over in Canada and have been wanting to get hold of an iPhone 3G at quite a cheap price, then you may want to take a look at what Fido is offering as according to mobile syrup, Fido has an 8GB refurbished iPhone 3G on offer.

Obviously its not the iPhone 3GS, but if you really want an iPhone and don’t mind having the iPhone 3G then Fido has a deal that gives the iPhone 3G for na amazingly low $29, a fairly good deal no matter which way you look at it.

Of course you’ll be required to sign your life away to the tune of 3 years along with desires iPhone rate plan or iPhone data add-on, but it’s still a good offer at $29.

Couple of things you should be aware of though…the iPhones on offer do not come with earphones or accessories, have a 6 month warranty from date of shipment, some refreshed iPhone 3G units will have final scratches, are preloaded with current software, have been returned to Fido within 15 days of activation, and are either unused or lightly used.

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