Video: New Palm Advert Better than Previous

Palm has been suffering quite a bit lately what with the apparent slow demise of their webOS smartphone saviours. But let’s be honest, Palm has done itself no favours when it comes to the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.

Launching the Palm Pre late meant it clashed with the arrival of a new iPhone which turned out to be a bad move then the awful marketing with those rubbish boring adverts, the ages it seem to take to get the smartphones with Verizon didn’t help either and now a delayed launch on AT&T.

Lower than expected sales, revenue problems, outlook grim, it all paints a bad picture for Palm and webOS. So what do they do to take steps to get back on top? They push out a new video advert, which although is far better than any previous ones probably won’t make an ounce of difference.

We have said video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of only gizmos, and shows that Palm has at least dragged their adverts into the 21st Century. Too late to help the Plam Pre and Pixi? probably.

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