Charge iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and More with Idapt i4

If you are a tech geek with numerous gadgets that need charging then Idapt may have the charger that you are looking for in their Idapt i4 charger which can charge up to four gadgets simultaneously reports an article over on wired.

Apparently the Idapt i4 charging dock will charget just about any tech gadget there is including the iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry smartphones and any other mobile phone, Nintendo DS, PSP, you name it and this bugger can charge it.

The Idapt i4 has three ports and a single USB port in which the user can insert various tips for charging almost anything and also has LED lights to let you know when the charging is complete.

Availability wise the Idapt i4 charging dock will be available in May and commands a price tag of $60 but you will need to purchase the various tips for your devices as well at a cost of $15 each or a pack of 4 for $40.

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