Video: Sprint WiMAX iPhone 4G Commercial?

It seems if you want to advertise something the best way to do so is to use the iPhone to sell it even if your network doesn’t actually offer the iPhone. That is what Sprint seems to have done with their latest commercial.

In the commercial, Sprint uses the iPhone to tout their Sprint Overdrive which creates a WiFi hotspot which allows smartphone to piggyback their 4G and 3G network including apparently the iPhone and even the original iPhone too.

Of course we have the Sprint WiMAX Overdrive iPhone 4G commercial for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at engadget, and lasts just 39 seconds.

So without further ado head on down, hit play and check out the iPhone doing Sprint WiMAX 4G so it is up to ten times faster…enjoy.


One thought on “Video: Sprint WiMAX iPhone 4G Commercial?”

  1. Davis says:

    Sprint doesn’t make any sense. Why would anyone in their right mind pay for AT&T cellular service and sprints 4g just to make their phone faster.

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