Video HTC HD2 unboxed early T Mobile

Well well what have we here then? Thanks to the guys over at ubergizmo.com for this one.

Officially it should be going on sale next Wednesday that is the T Mobile’s Windows mobile Powered HTC HD2.
However it seems some lucky person out there has managed to get their mitts on a unit before the official date.

We don’t just have the picture to temp you we even have a video to tickle those taste buds which shows this amazing device being unboxed.

The HTC HD2 is definitely a truly amazing phone but with the recent announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series some would say that T Mobile may have left this all a little too late. Question is will you get one of these or are you holding out for a newer device?


One thought on “Video HTC HD2 unboxed early T Mobile”

  1. Julie Featherstrom says:

    So I guess you can’t use Skype with this handset, because developers are withdrawing support for the platform, which has been superceded by Windows Phone 7 Series.

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