Is iPhone 4G coming? Sprint Ad shows 4G Network running

A recent article over on fastcompany.com gives us more information on Sprint’s Overdrive portable Wi-Fi hotspot which is similar to Verizon’s MiFI.

It has a wireless antenna just like a phone but you don’t just have to use it as a phone, it actually exports as a WiFi network that any device with a WiFi antenna can use.

Of course the MiFi is great and popular but it is just still a 3G network, where as the Sprint’s fledging 4G network which is faster and in daily use approaches the speed of a home broadband network.

Therefore the overdrive is compatible with any WiFi device including most Smartphones, PMPs such as the iPod Touch and Zune HD and of course a whole heap of other devices. Sadly it isn’t that practical as you would need two separate data plans in addition to a voice plan, the iPhone will require an AT&T voice and data plan and the Overdrive another. Which could work out rather expensive.

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