Verizon iPhone or 4G version for 2010 can outdo iPad sales

Apple expects much from their new Apple iPad in the way of sales, and no doubt the iPad will do exceedingly well as most iPhone fans will want to grab the latest creation to sit alongside their iconic iPhone, or simply to say “I have one.”

However, perhaps the reason Apple won’t allow Verizon Wireless to sell a Verizon iPhone is because maybe a Verizon iPhone would outdo Apple iPad sales. When you consider the quantity of Big Red customers out there, a Verizon iPhone would probably create huge sales and thus overshadow the iPad.

Then there is the much awaited iPhone 4G 2010, that too is a much sought after gadget and one that will no doubt again outstrip iPad sales as most if not all current iPhone owners would want to upgrade to the latest generation iPhone.

So in a sense, Apple enabling Verizon and then bringing out an iPhone 4G could affect Apple iPad sales and thus make it appear not as successful. But then again think of the revenue Apple could pull in with the launch of the iPhone 4G 2010 and a Verizon iPhone.


11 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone or 4G version for 2010 can outdo iPad sales”

  1. sean says:

    Sad, just sad. No excuse. Your logic is also faulty, if iphone users equals ipad buyers than getting more iphones into customers hands should only equal into more ipad customers…. Im stuck to verizon and really want a iphone. I will be celebrating the day the cdma iphone comes out.

  2. Helen says:

    Why would you buy a Verizon iPhone *INSTEAD* of a wi-fi or AT&T iPad?

    They are NOT the same device.

    So you think Apple would hate it… if they sold “too many” iPads… or “too many” iPhones????

    I would think they would love selling huge numbers of whatever would sell in huge numbers. In this case… I would guess *BOTH* devices would sell like crazy.

  3. Helen says:

    So if your blue cars sold in huge numbers… and your red cars sold in even larger numbers… you would be unhappy????

    *ALL* sales are good sales.

    Besides why would 2 VERY different devices harm each other?

    A Verizon iPhone… is *NOT* the same as a wi-fi iPad.

  4. Pj says:

    Verizons customer service sucks. I was with them since 1996 when they bought out airtouch cellular. I left them in 2008 when the iPhone 3g came out. Sure they have fewer dropped calls but it took them years to get their network to where it is. Give At&t the same amount of time Verizon had and their network will be as good or better. Besides At&t had the most successful phone in the world with the iPhone and there network increases 285 % because of it. Verizons just bitter because they turned down apple originally when apple came to them with the iPhone. Now At&t is more competition to Verizon than they ever expected. Verizon is overrated AT&T is just as good and this is coming from someone who was a Verizon customer for 12 years.

  5. Alex says:

    well, my thing is, if you think that you won’t sell an item because you are worry another item will sell more, then why make it? I think it’s just an excuse not to give the contract to verizon because you feel you owe something to AT&T. That’s the bottom line.

  6. Alex says:

    well pj, I think you work for AT&T and you are being force to say that. Verizon is great! and I wouln’t give it for AT&T or Sprint or any other carrier. I think you are bored and you don’t know what you are talking about.

  7. Chris says:

    Helen, you contradicted yourself by saying a verizon iphone is not the same thing as an ipad. This is true, but a blue car and a red car are the same thing. Color is personal preference and apple knows this, hence a white and a black iphone. They already screwed up the ipad in enough ways in the respect that slates from companies like hp can do much more. Sales would indeed be made to look worse with new iphones. But you are right that income is income.

    Pj, Att has been “improving” their network for many years now and its a snails pace but they will get there, youre right, and verizons customer service is terrible. Its sad that you basically just have to lie to them to get them to remotely help you at all.

  8. Michael C. says:

    Who cares? What’s the point of this post? Either way, Apple is going to make huge profit with significant increase in revenue from both of these devices as each has its own entity.

    If iPhone ever comes to VZW, then it will be inevitable for iPad to be available for VZW as well.

    So to assume and speculate that Apple is holding off iPhone for VZW in order to keep the sales up for iPad is a ridiculous notion!

  9. Derek says:

    Well I’ve been on the following carriers: Sprint, AT&T, Cingular and Verizon. I travel all over the country and world for work and I can honestly stay that only Verizon works everywhere. I currently have a blackberry and it doesn’t matter if I’m in Italy (Rome, Milan) or at my home (greater Boston area)I get connected and I have a great signal. I’ve never had to roam around my house or office to get a signal with Verizon.
    I did with all the other carriers. I think that Apple would be foolish to not build an phone for the Verizon CDMA network as it’s the most dense across the country hands down. I could easily see them burying all other 3G phones if they did this. Most of them (Driod, BB, Windows Mobile) are alive only because of Verizon. If AT&T worked in half the places that I travel I would have switched ages ago but… I sit here with my crackberry impatiently waiting for Apple to tap the cash cow that is the Verizon user base.

  10. rozuni says:

    I had cingular and sprint before but verizon has better signal anywhere the only thing is that verizon doesn’t have for me a phone that I like but even if verizon doen’t get the Iphone I will stay with verizon

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