Motorola i1 Android iDEN Smartphone for Sprint: Release Date

CTIA news has it that Motorola and Sprint have joined forces to bring us the new Motorola i1, we mentioned this mobile phone back about a week ago saying that it was called the Motorola Opus and then the name changed.

Well at last all the speculations and rumours are now over because Motorola and Sprint have jointly mentioned the launch of this device, the Motorola i1 will be releasing this summer of 2010 and will come with an Everything Data plan for activation and purchase, pre-registration is now open.

The Motorola i1 smartphone features a 3.1-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen display, Android standard and Swipe virtual keyboards, Bluetooth with stereo audio support, Wi-Fi radio, vibration and intense rain, M810F certified bodyshell for resistance to shock, -megapixel camera with flash/panoramic imaging and geo-tagging, it also comes with a video recorder along with media player and microSDHC card slot.

It also comes with Opera Mini 5 pre-loaded along with access to the Android Marketplace via Wi-Fi; we will let you know more when we know more, keep coming back.

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One thought on “Motorola i1 Android iDEN Smartphone for Sprint: Release Date”

  1. aaa says:

    Motorola and Sprint blew their chance to really give Nextel a huge boost (excuse the pun) but decided not to give the i1 3G capability. WTF? It's 2010 for crying out loud. I'm sticking with my Renegade V950 with the obsolete QChat (another Sprint/Nextel screw up) for now because it has 3G. It just seems like no one can ever make a good decision or bring some excitement when it comes to Nextel. Sigh.

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