T-Mobile UK HTC Desire black prototype Video

A great article has turned up over on engadet.com in relation to HTC’s new flagship device.

We are now all pretty confident that this is going to turn up soon on British soil ahead of its elder brother the Nexus One. If you want to place your order for the HTC Desire now you can.

T Mobile’s official online store is now ready to take orders for the Desire right now, having said that there is a proviso in place that says delivery may take up to seven days. Strangely enough that then ties in quite nicely with Amazons April 1st delivery date.

What’s more exciting though is the pricing of the device, at the upper end you can have the phone for free with a £35 per month contract over two years or there is a £125 a month price option which gives 300 minutes, 300 texts and unlimited internet and the Desire for £129. Both Orange and Vodafone are already confirmed as carriers and now seems a good a time as any for Android fans in the UK.

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