Apple offers iPhone plan free but still tied to AT&T

Well they say do you want the good news or the bad news although not all will agree on this being bad news thanks to an article from digitaltrends.com

Apple are now offering their iPhones without rate plans with prices ranging from between $499 and $699 great isn’t it?

Okay the not so good news for some is that they will still be locked or tied to AT&T. As we know Apple have been offering unlocked iPhone for sale in some international markets which enables customers to literally just walk into a retailer and then out with an iPhone that isn’t tied to a carrier.

Apparently now though Apple are selling contract free version of the extremely popular iPhone in the United States but sadly they are all locked to AT&T. You can get the 8GB iPhone sans contract for just $499 or the 16 and 32GB versions for $599 and $699. Customers are restricted to only being able to purchase one contract free device with a total purchase limited to 10 contract free devices over a lifetime.

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