Fed up losing your phone then get Phone Halo now

Here is a very nice article from the folks over at mashable.com that I’m sure will appeal to all of you.

Phone Halo is what it is all about and this has just been introduced, it is designed for those that have a habit of misplacing your phone, money clip or even keys.

Lets be honest whether its your iPhone, your BlackBerry or your Nexus One it means the same to you when you lose it. Now the panic can be over with the help of the Phone Halo. It uses GPS, SMS and also Email to keep you alerted if you leave your important device somewhere.

Not only that it actually lets you know the location of your device when you have realized that you have lost or misplaced it. Phone Halo is available now for Blackberry and Android and will be on its way to the iPhone in the near future. It is simple to connect just using a dongle to your item then make sure you have the software installed on your Smartphone and it really is as simple as that.

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