CTIA 2010: Yap speech-to-text for Sprint Blackberry users

Great new which has been reported over on connectedplanetonline.com in relation to Microsoft and there intention to bring speech to text capabilities to Sprint.

It will be brought to Sprint courtesy of YAP which is a cloud based speech recognition service provider. Microsoft initially developed this for the carriers line of BlackBerry phone devices which means that users will be able to speak there text messages rather than text them and email in the same way.

It is expected that this service will be deployed potentially through Windows Phone 7 as Microsoft has the right now to deploy the YAP technology across any of their devices.

Although at the moment the announcement is only in relation to Sprint BlackBerry devices. Speech to Text is hotting up as laws have been tightened up around chatting and or texting whilst driving. It is going to be a huge focus in this weeks CTIA show.

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