Transform iPhone into a Landline Handset with Moshi Moshi

The Mosti Moshi Collection by Native Union are stylish handsets that Native Union is looking to replace the slow diminishing use of landlines, and offer a more comfortable and convenient solution for talking on your smartphone reports an article over on chipchick where you can view the images of these products.

So what is the Native Union Moshi Moshi Collection? Well the Moshi Moshi 02 is a wired black soft touch or high gloss finish handset that connects your iPhone or other mobile phone via a 3.5mm jack and thus enabling the user to make a call using the Moshi Moshi 02, and sells for $59.99 and available as of the 15th of April.

Then there’s the Moshi Moshi 03 which is similar to the 02 but is apparently a wireless headset which uses Bluetooth 2.1 to link with your handset which also means the user can connect two handsets at the same time. The Moshi Moshi 03 will again be available as of the 15th of April and command a price tag of $129.99.

Then there is the Moshi Moshi 04i, another wireless Bluetooth 2.1 product but this time features a dedicated iPhone charging dock and Bluetooth speaker system and like the others will be available as of the 15th of April and carry a price tag of $199.

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