iPhone Users: Would you pay extra per-month for Sprint 4G Overdrive?

Sprint has pushed out a commercial promoting their Sprint 4G Overdrive which they claim can bring 4G connectivity to the iPhone, including the original iPhone, you can read my initial reports and watch the commercial (here) if you haven’t already done so.

The Sprint 4G Overdrive creates a WiFi hotspot for the Sprint and Clearwire WiMAX network and apparently enables smartphone to use 4G and 3G connectivity, and the advert states it can make the iPhone up to 10 times faster according to an article over on macrumors

Now of course if you are considering trying out your iPhone with the Sprint 4G Overdrive its going to cost you, and apparently the cost is $99 after a mail in rebate and signing up for a 2 year agreement which will also cost per month.

So basically if you opt for the Sprint 4G Overdrive for your iPhone it will undoubtedly incur extra layout, so our question to our iPhone using readership today is… Would you pay extra per-month for Sprint 4G Overdrive?

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