BlackBerry Tour OS 5.0 Release in time for Verizon PTT

Some really good new has been reported over at crackberry.com in relation to an update which we’ve all been waiting for.

Since the start of all the hype and interest surrounding the Push to Talk on Verizon at has been a little difficult to say the least in sorting out what exactly this will mean for Tour users.

The latest information implies that come March 30th Verizon may actually let us have the very long overdue and eagerly awaited 5.0 OS update. Apparently PTT will only work on OS 5.0 which as we know isn’t the default Tour OS.

From that we are left to assume that this means Verizon will officially release OS 5.0 to coincide with the Push to Talk release. There are no details yet though on just what version it will be but it would seem it will be available as an over the air update for users currently on

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