Stream Music to Your iPhone, Here’s How

If you are an iPhone user and want to stream music to your iPhone there are apparently several ways you can achieve it and the guys over at tipb have come up with a few ways to simply stream the audio to your iPhone you wish to listen to.

They say the obvious place to begin is with streaming internet radio subscription apps such as Slacker, Pocket Tunes, Spotify, and Pandora and many more. Although some are limited to Europe and the US and some provide local storage so you can retain some tunes on your smartphone when 3G or WiFi isn’t available.

Then there’s storage applications such as MobileMe, Box,Net, iDisk and DronBox and the like which give the user access to music they keep on the cloud. There are also musical apps which can range significantly in presentation and content but do deliver music.

The iPhone browser, Mobile Safari can play any music format Apple supports so you simply tap the link and Quicktime pops up, buffers the track and then plays and includes audio stored on your own web enabled server setups, and is one of the few apps which are allowed to play in the background.

Then there is of course the iTunes application which although just gives 30 seconds of music for sampling, it will stream full length podcasts when you tap the title rather than the download button and plays in the background like Safari. With nay luck iPhone 4.0 will hopefully address the “no streaming internet music while using other apps” problem.

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