Is Apple iPhone ready for 4G network?

Sprint already have the HTC EVO 4G smartphone and yes it is supersonic for a reason, but is the Apple iPhone ready yet for 4G networks.

There have been many rumours about the iPhone 4.0 operating system and iPhone 4G, but we must remember that 4G in the iPhone world is merely 4th generation language. No one knows for sure if Apple will release a new iPhone this year and no one knows if it will have 3G capabilities or 4G capabilities.

Verizon already have 4G LTE in motion and so do Sprint and the HTC EVO 4G proves this, but if Apple needs to push for something very exciting then surely they need to produce an iPhone with 4G in the mix.

I am merely banging on about 4G on an iPhone and would like you the reader to give us reasons why the iPhone will or will not have 4G network running on it. With such network companies on the 4G band wagon surely one of the most popular phones in the world should be right up there with the likes of the first ever 4G smartphone ‘Sprint HTC EVO


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