AT&T stab at Verizon: LTE phone will be a big fat brick

Another interesting article from the folks over at engadget.com this time in relation to Verizon Wireless and AT&T

It seems that both companies are a little hot under the collar over the LTE battle, a battle which is sure to end up being similar to that which we have seen surrounding the map wars.

Both carriers have put their representatives directly into the spotlight for a barrage of tough talks. To start with we have AT&T’s CTO John Donovan that has claimed that Verizon was jumping the gun with it’s first on the scene LTE roll out, he also suggested that the devices will drain the battery like crazy and that they will resemble a big fat brick.

Donovan also said that anyone that says their network is ready for the iPhone is being naïve. Of course, the Big Red did not just sit there and take it on the chin as Jim Gerace hit back stating that no matter how much our competitors talk it is not going to slow us down. He failed to react to the other insults. Let us wait for the pricing plans to be announced and see what happens then.

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