No more AT&T Google search, will Verizon and others follow suit

Some would say that when things like this occur it is the bad side of having an open source platform.

We all know that Google’s main source of income and usually the main reason they make any product is really focused on the ad revenues. Google search is definitely their main source of income and it is going to be replaced on Google’s own operating system by one of their main competitors.

Yahoo search is now on the Motorola Backflip and some have speculated that there may be a hidden agenda here perhaps even a disagreement between Google and Motorola other say it is just simply that AT&T trying to keep Apple happy.

This is the first Android device with Yahoo as the main search engine. The home screen widget has been replaced by the Yahoo version and even the browser utilizes Yahoo for the search results. One thing worth bearing in mind though is that the MotoBlur is a custom user interface and not a Google experience device. Maybe we will see this continue throughout AT&T’s android devices.

Source – Android Community

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