Verizon iPhone or Nexus One: What would you prefer?

The Verizon iPhone 2010 is said to include a 5 megapixel camera that will come with LED flash and possibly even an OLED screen, a removable battery and maybe even a front facing camera.

Of course another consideration would be the price apparently as the exclusivity with AT&T ends the rumour is that Apple and Verizon are in negotiations over the pricing of a Verizon iPhone.

Some suggest that the iPhone will be available by April but just in Korea and some selective markets. Or on the other hand you have the option of the Nexus One, it seems that some just wont be happy until they see Google’s Nexus One running in Verizon’s CDMA network, although this has been confirmed that it is in the works there is no exact timescale for this.

Having said that April again has been rumoured. The device is expected to offer the same functionality as that on the existing GSM Nexus One although it isn’t said to be what some would call a world phone it isn’t therefore expected to include both CDMA and UMTS/HSPA connectivity. Another rumour is that we can expect to see the Nexus One with Vodafone soon. So what will be your preferred choice? Let us know your views

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