The Bad Girls Club Natalie Nunn Uses a BlackBerry

As you know there are a lot of celebrities who use a smartphone, and why not, they are just people after all, but when a celeb uses a smartphone and it gets snapped, then it becomes mobile phone news of a sort’s right?

Anyway it appears the latest celebrity to be captured with a smartphone is none other than Natalie Nunn from ‘The Bad Girls Club’ according to an article over on celebrity blackberry sightings.

So what smartphone does Natalie carry? Well it is a BlackBerry, but apparently before Natalie was using a BlackBerry Bold 9000, but has now changed to a BlackBerry Bold 9700 claims her Twitter page which by the way is set to private so I couldn’t check it out for sure.

Anyway there’s the latest smartphone news where Natalie Nunn is concerned, she’s a BlackBerry 9700 user, and perhaps still a BlackBerry 9000 user, and who knows maybe she’s an iPhone user too, but until we see evidence of that she’s BlackBerry trough and through.


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