Nokia came back fixed but full of Nookie

It has been in the papers and all over the net this report comes courtesy of mirror.co.uk in relation to the shocking images that appeared on a students mobile phone.

18 year old Lauren a student sent her mobile in to Carphone warehouse in order to have it repaired as the Nokia device kept cutting out during calls.

What she got back was a little more than she was expecting to say the least. Lauren found that her newly repaired Nokia contained explicit images of group sex and women pleasuring themselves.

There was also pornographic video clips some lasting up to 10 minutes in length, Lauren was obviously deeply shocked by what was now on her Nokia device, saying ‘I think it is revolting that somebody had their filthy paws on my mobile phone’.
A spokesperson from Carphone Warehouse has offered Lauren a Blackberry Curve as compensation and they are said to be examining the handset.

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