All 4G WWAN Units to Support 3G Says Verizon

After the Verizon LTE Roundtable during CTIA 2010, Verizon Wireless senior vice president and CTO, Tony Melone confirmed to the guys over at engadget in a one to one meeting that “every last one” of Verizon’s data only LTE WWAN units will support 3G.

So this means the likes of MiFi type products, USB data sticks, aircards all enabled to use 3G as well, and they say it’s fairly obvious considering the ties between the two techs.

But it is good to have it confirmed that all 4G data only devices launched by Verizon Wireless will have the ability to switch to 3G if you happen to stroll out of an LTE covered area.

Apparently Melone also intimated that the Big Red would be interested in acquiring a smartphone on the LTE network which could also double as a mobile hotspot. When it comes to pricing for LTE, Melone didn’t offer any insight into Verizon plans.

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