No word yet from Google or Verizon of Nexus One

Rumours are hot on the subject of Google’s Nexus One being available on the Verizon network. Of course with this week’s CTIA Wireless Conference we were expecting to have heard more by now.

It was supposed to have happened yesterday, but so far there has been not a word from either the search engine giant of Verizon the largest wireless carrier.

The Nexus One mobile device for those of you that didn’t know runs the extremely popular Android based operating system which has incidentally won favourable review from open source programmers.

Although officially there has been no confirmation from Verizon or Google other than the very first reports of the phone’s launch back in January, reports of a Spring launch was revealed but with no exact or precise date. Customers are left a little confused as we don’t know if it will be available online only through Google Marketplace or through Verizon Wireless stores. Source – media-newswire.com


2 thoughts on “No word yet from Google or Verizon of Nexus One”

  1. anon says:

    According to verizon rep at Best Buy: The store should be getting the phone “within 6 months”, IF they get it at all. It may just be available through Google or a Verizon store.

    According to Verizon store: Originally scheduled for a February launch. Pushed back to March 23. On March 23 it actually showed the phone as being “released”, but obviously, not available.

    Maybe this is their way of creating anticipation for the release?

  2. Adam says:

    If this is their way way of creating anticipation it worked at first but now it is starting to get annoying. I was due for an upgrade march 18 and have been waiting for the nexus one since january. They need to hurry up and at least anounce it or they will lose me to at&t.

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