4G phone to be launched before Verizon MetroPCS

According to a recent article there is a wireless carrier out there that is all set to launch a phone with brand new network technology that will provide faster data access.

MetroPCS a wireless carrier that currently caters for those of modest means is about to become the first to introduce a new phone which means it will beat Verizon Wireless the country’s largest wireless carrier.

Apparently Samsung Electronics said yesterday that it is going to supply a phone for MetroPCS Communications Inc’s rollout of the new network technology that we know as LTE or Long term Evolution.

Both MetroPCS and the largest wireless carrier Verizon are intending to use LTE a fourth generation or 4G wireless technology. Verizon have anticipated that the data speeds will be approximately 10 times faster than the 3G networks, however Verizon are not planning to introduce the LTE devices until next year. Source – google.com

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