Free iPhone Tethering Retained by Rogers and Fido

Yes all you lucky Canadian Rogers and Fido iPhone customers, the free iPhone tethering promo Rogers and Fido were offering is apparently to become official policy thus enabling free iPhone tethering for almost everyone reports an article over on tipb who gained the info from ilounge.

Apparently as of immediately, tethering remains free for both Rogers and Fido customers that subscribe to 1GB data plans, although there are a few exclusions reported on Redboard.

Those exclusions are, data plans with less than 1GB, cannot be used with new 1GB+ One Rate Roaming plans other than Rocket stick plans, smartphone and Rocket stick shared data plans, and family shares data and voice plans.

Furthermore it’s not only the iPhone that benefits from the policy as it also applies to BlackBerry smartphones, OS supported Android handsets and other smartphones.


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