Google Nexus One Demand Greater Than iPhone Demand

Is the iconic iPhone losing its appeal with the smartphone public? It could be as a report by the world’s largest international mobile phone trader, RCS says that demand for the Nexus One has been increasing since February and that global demand for Google’s superphone was 16 percent more than that of the iPhone reports gadgetsdna via prnewswire.

Furthermore the trend of the Nexus One demand is expected to continue towards the end of Q1 and moving into Q2; however it is important to note that theses are not sales figures, but demand figures.

It could be that demand for the Nexus One is due to the superphone being available unlocked and can be bought without the ties of a carrier service plan, which is something that the iPhone doesn’t do, well maybe it does now if the rumours are correct and Apple is offering the iPhone off contract.

Although apparently this word of Apple offering off contract iPhone units could be that Apple wants to clear inventory of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS to make way for the iPhone 4G. What do you think is the Nexus One becoming more popular than the iPhone?

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