Get an iPhone 4G before it is available?

Although you may be patiently waiting for Apple to release the next generation iPhone the commonly referred to iPhone 4G, an article over on gaj-it says you can gain an iPhone 4G before it’s release date by way of Sprint.

Of course they are talking about the Sprint Overdrive 4G, for which Sprint has put out an advert that says the iPhone can gain 4G via the Sprint Overdrive 4G unit.

This is accomplished like this…you purchase a Sprint Overdrive 4G unit, switch on WiFi on your iPhone, load up the Overdrive unit and connect to the Sprint network and then connect your iPhone via WiFi to the Sprint Overdrive 4G network and Bob’s your Uncle…an iPhone using 4G.

However, as Sprint is a US carrier obviously anyone outside the States wouldn’t be able to use this method of enabling their iPhone to surf 4G, but it is one way US iPhone users can obtain iPhone 4G status before an iPhone 4G is available.

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