HTC Desire X10 and Nokia E72 for 3UK not HTC HD2

It seems that the Wireless carrier 3 UK are about to release a range of rather appealing devices to its users in the very near future.

The new offerings include some of the latest Android devices as well as some Symbian phones what is probably a little more surprising is some of the devices that the company have named as not going to be released by them.

They include the highly appealing Nokia N900 and the HTC HD2 even if the demand for them is clearly there. A recent article on the company blog has said that the Symbian based Nokia E72 will become available from May, along with a range of handsets powered by Google’s Android operating system.

Also we can expect to see the HTC Desire and the Sony Ericsson X10 another interesting one that may be seen by the end of the week is the Samsun Galaxy Portal. The X10 pricing will be revealed pretty soon and we can hope to se this in April. 3 UK have stated that their pricing will be competitive. Source – news.softpedia.com via three.co.uk


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