BlackBerry and Google Android platform to get PayPal bump gesture.

Here is a really great article courtesy of best-mobile-contracts.co.uk via cnet.com. Great if you happen to have either a Blackberry or Google Android based platform on your mobile.

You will soon be able to enjoy making PayPal payments on your phone with a simple bump gesture. The bump feature allows you to transfer funds by touching handsets together.

It was first seen on the version 2.0 PayPal iPhone application which was launched earlier on this month. Versions are said to become available in the next few months for both BlackBerry and also Android.

Therefore soon people with various Smartphone users can simply bump their phones to pay friends and also receive payments. The PayPal application can be downloaded for your BlackBerry or Android mobile at the moment but it is minus the bump feature so you are restricted in what you can do. For the moment that is, it wont be that long before you can join in the bumping along with iPhone users.

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