Apple does U-turn on Explicit Content?

Remember the kick up about Apple throwing out all content in their App Store that they defined as explicit or in Apple’s words “overtly sexual”? Well I’m not too sure why but according to an article over on gizmodo, Apple is apparently doing a u-turn and gearing up to put explicit content back.

The article says that the explicit categories are ready but still empty and are for both the iPhone and iPad, and this info is based on an article on mac stories which has a couple of links to the App Store which give the relevant pages.

However, when I followed said links the pages aren’t available in the UK App Store, so it could be that they are simply left over from the great purge, or it could be that Apple has for some reason had a change of heart, which is kind of doubtful.

So what do you think is Apple about to reinstate explicit content in the App Store or has some tech simply forgotten to get rid of said pages?

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