Can Sprint HTC EVO 4G be iPhone killer?

During CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas Sprint unveiled to the mobile world the world’s first 4G smartphone, the Sprint HTC EVO 4G which as we all know will run on the Sprint Clearwire WiMAX network.

So as in the traditional way of things the next question, and I’ll ask it before someone else because it will be asked anyway, can the Sprint HTC EVO 4G be the elusive “iPhone killer?”

This seems to be the norm these days when a new smartphone peeks its head over the horizon, mainly due to the iconic iPhone being seen as the mobile technology to beat and hopefully grab the smartphone crown.

However, it isn’t a like for like battle as the Sprint HTC EVO 4G is 4G and the iPhone is still only 3G at least for now, so although the Sprint HTC EVO 4G could be seen as an iPhone killer, we do have to remember that once Apple gets round to delivering a 4G surfing iPhone they will undoubtedly retain the crown.


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  1. Brittain says:

    As long as long as Apple is chained down by At&T I think this phone could be better. I love broadcasting wi-fi with my HTC Touchpro2(windows 6.1 is a joke) with sprint, pay 50 dollars less than my iPhone buddies for the same data/talk/text plan, and I hear that AT&T doesn’t allow you to transmit Wi-fi. {yes I’ve heard the phone can if it is unlocked, but I’ve also heard of customers being dropped for doing it.}

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