iPhone 3GS against Google Nexus One Comparison

Just how many times a smartphone has got to be compared to another smartphone to decide which is better I’m not too sure of but the guys over at ifixit have gone through the motions and come up with yet another detailed comparison between the iPhone 3GS and the Nexus One reports phandroid.

It’s quite an interesting analysis of the differences though with total cost of ownership coming out as the iPhone 3GS costing $3167 while the Nexus One costs $2707. The major difference obviously is when first month sales come into play with the iPhone 3GS hitting 2,800,000 and the Nexus One hitting just 80,000.

Swapping out the battery on each smartphone though falls to the Nexus One with a two part process while the iPhone 3GS seriously lags behind with a drawn out sixteen part process, also the Nexus One battery beats the iPhone 3GS in 3G time pushing out up to 7 hours compared with up to 5 hours on the iPhone 3GS.

When it comes to repairing the glass, the iPhone 3GS takes control again at $60 while to repair the glass on the Nexus One costs $115.

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