HTC EVO 4G VS HTC HD2 specs compared HD2 faster

As we know HTC Corporation and Wireless carrier Sprint recently announced the launch of the first WiMAX enabled handset which is powered by Google’s Android operating system the HTC EVO 4G.

There are now some more details on the specifications, the newer phone seems somehow to be an Android based HD2, although it is actually a little more different than the handset powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system.

The EVO 4G is 2mm wider and also thicker though it is 1mm shorter than the Windows Mobile based HD2 and it also weighs 13 grams more. The Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU has been clocked at 1GHz on both handsets but has a newer chip version on the EVO 4G.

The Ram on the handset is also different 512MB on the WiMAX phone and 567MB on the other. There are other differences the camera on the EVO is 8MP and 5MP on the HD2. The connectivity has differences also not only due to the standards supported by the phones HSPA+ vs. CDMA / WiMAX but also the transfer rates they support. Source – news.softpedia.com via pocketnow.com


11 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G VS HTC HD2 specs compared HD2 faster”

  1. Cardell says:

    @Brian and Handy you two are so right on that one! i love this phone too, there has never been a phone that i talk about and google everyday like i have done this phone, lol. My upgrade is available on June 1st, so i will be using that to get my hands on this phone, sheesh if i didnt have an upgrade i would be buying this phone…BYE BYE Palm PRE.

  2. mauricio says:

    i have a htc hd2, although the evo is a little better, i prefer the hd2s operating system windows mobile 6.5 with htc sense. it has cool features on the home screen like weather animation. i also dont believe 4g will be much of a diffrence and just because the evo has an 8 megapixel camera doesnt mean its better. the hd2 has AMAZING picture quality, i find it better than olympus stylus 1050 which has 10.1 megapixels. plus the flash on the hd2 can probobly be seen a mile away. added extras on the hd2 like microsoft office, telenav, mobitv, blockbuster, barns n' noble Ereader, gogo inflight internet, 16 gb of memory, and much much more. offers application downloads like android. and the rumors of the hd2 freezing is a lie. not once has my hd2 froze and ive had it since the begining of april. last thing, i think the flow of the touch screen is very fast and smooth, better than the iphone. so i think the evo is just another phone.

  3. Luis says:

    I have an HD2 (along with a N900, Palm Pre Plus, Nexus One and an EVO on the way) and I do like the phone from a hardware standpoint. On the software side I will say that it is the best Windows Mobile device phone I have ever used going back to the original Compaq iPaq.

    That being said the freezing really is not a rumor. When using the music widget I occasionally get a lag. This morning for example I left the browser running loading when I jumped in the car. The phone went into sleep mode of course since I hadn't touched it for a few minutes. When I unlocked the phone was locked and would not respond to any button clicks with the exception of end which of course puts the phone to sleep. Needless to say I had to perform a battery pull.

    Sorry but with Windows Mobile if you don't experience any lag or freezing then you must be riding a unicorn. Like I said hardware is great and the OS is ok with lots of customization options and great features like easily installable wifi tethering that you pay no extra for BUT it is still a dead end OS with its share of issues.

  4. junior says:

    For some reason i feel atracted to the hd2 more than the evo buh the htc evo is hands down a better fone . the specs tell it all.

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