Japan Vertu Golden Smartphones at 20 Million Yen

Although Nokia pulled the plug in Japan, they did set up their luxury line outfit Vertu to grab some of the Japanese riches from the wealthy nation which opened back in September 09 with an initial plan to offer Vertu luxury devices between $16k and $15k.

However, according to an article over on crunch gear, Vertu Japan has now unveiled a “Golden” set of smartphones which have been made with Japan gold lacquer-work and will command a hefty price tag of 20 million yen which is roughly $215,000.

The info is gained from Japanese site k-tai.impress, and apparently the price tag includes free domestic calls. There are four models to choose from which are Diago, Nanten, Kikisui, and Kinko and each design depicts a different season of the year.

No word on any specifications but then again when dealing with a Vertu handset it’s not about the spec but more about the expensive materials, design and craftsmanship that goes into making the handsets.

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