Video: Knocking with the iPhone and Nexus One

So what is knocking? Well apparently Knocking is a faster and better way of communicating with your social world according to an article over on daily mobile and we have a video below showing you what that means.

Apparently Knocking Live directs mobile live video and pictures to your smartphone and where once you received a call, text, email or picture now you’ll receive a knock and on answering the “knock” you’ll be able to view live video and pictures from a friend’s handset instantly and anywhere.

Knocking is instant visual messaging that is truly live and everyone can experience what anyone is doing as and when it happens, and word has it knocking tech even enables the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch to receive video even without a camera.

The knocking live with the iPhone and Nexus One lasts just one minute and can be viewed below and gives us a little insight into Knocking Live, so check it out and enjoy.


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