When Will Verizon Get The Nexus One?

As Verizon Wireless is the biggest carrier in the United States, one would have expected the Big Red to at least have one of the most talked about smartphones in the world on their network by now, namely the Verizon iPhone and the Verizon Nexus One.

Google’s Nexus One is already available on two top carriers with Sprint getting the Nexus One later in the year, thus the guys over at android spin pose the question, is Verizon missing out on the Nexus One?

It was hopped that Verizon would actually release the Nexus One during CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t to be and the biggest thing the Big Red did was announce Skype Mobile for Verizon handsets.

For many Verizon customers CTIA 2010 was a disappointment with no confirmed word on when Verizon will see the Nexus One. So when will Verizon release the Verizon Nexus One? Well that question is getting to be just like the when is the Verizon iPhone coming.


12 thoughts on “When Will Verizon Get The Nexus One?”

  1. brp says:

    umm.. “Well that question is getting to be just like the when is the Verizon iPhone coming.”

    couldn’t disagree more. Verizon getting the iphone was just a speculation with no true fact behind it, while the nexus one was announced on googles site (google.com/phone) as coming to verizon in SPRING 2010… as far as I can see spring just started, therefore giving them at least a couple months to make that statement true..
    I can’t wait for the n1 to come to verizon, boo to the verizon iphone.. I don’t want a bunch of apple zombies taking up my bandwith

  2. “I don’t want a bunch of apple zombies taking up my bandwith”

    The only reason they are taking up a lot of bandwidth is because the iphone is actually usable on the internet. You can only hope that the nexus one is user friendly enough to achieve the same goal.

  3. aei says:

    “You can only hope the nexus one is user friendly enough…”

    You’ve clearly never used an Android device. Specs are better than the iphone, multitasking, 1ghz processor, expandable storage… the list goes on. After using Android, I’d never even considering giving Apple my money.

  4. brp says:

    haha exactly my point Kenlee… this article has nothing to do with the iphone, one little snippet at the end and the apple guys flock.
    try an android phone and use it for more than 2 minutes without saying, “dude the iphone is waaaay better” and give it a chance, you’ll prolly enjoy the freedom

  5. jim says:

    Dang. What ifs, should of could ofs. Waited for nexus and The incredible. Something is better than nothing. Goodbye verizon–hello att Iphone.

  6. Fish says:

    Man when will the crapple followers just give up? I mean come on, you cant compete with open source or the level of customization. Yea I wana walk around with an ipod touch that makes calls… oh and did you see i can rearrange my icons in the same pattern??? How randy!!! Crapple fanboys need to stick to their forums and let the adults talk about bigger and better things.

  7. biggy mike says:

    Once the BOGO promotion for smartphones is gone on the 31st, then the Nexus one will come out. They’re trying to sell as many droids as possible before the nexus takes the spotlight. Looks like Verizon is pulling the old April’s fools on us.

  8. colin says:

    first we where sopsto get the nexus 1 on march 23 obviously not 🙁 and why wouldnt you want the iphone i mean its the best smartphone thats out there i mean the bb storm 2 shurepress sucks the nexus one is goo but not comming apples contract is up with atnt

  9. Steve says:

    So many not informed. I work for Verizon, it is not up to us when the Nexus One will be available. It is entirely up to Google. You will not see any Nexus One in Verizons stores. It will only be available on Googles website. Please forward your frustration to Google and not Verizon. Oh, and by the way, Nexus one is way better than the iphone

  10. Alex says:

    Nexus 1 is the best smart phone out there hands down! Apple has become the modern day Microsoft while Google has become what Apple was when it was chasing Microsoft. Google has a whole lot more money and resources to totally overtake Apple very soon. Google isn’t the number one browser for nothing!

  11. John says:

    still no nexus one in verizon.. damn im starting to hate the waiting, im even resorting to getting it for t mobile although its coverage and 3g sucks

  12. Kenny says:

    to be totally honest…the iPhone suck and is nowhere near the best smartphone. the Droids, Storm2 TouchPro2 are all better smartphones than the iPhone. its pointless for verizon to even get it. the nexus one is a pretty good smartphones but i wouldnt say its 100% better than the droid or da droid eris. depends on witch way you’re going with it. much as the incredible.

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