Apple should have released Verizon iPhone or 4G version before iPad

The Apple iPad appears to be doing rather well and no doubt will be a big success for Apple as most Apple products are. However, there have been whispers that Apple iPad sales may be affected by the launch of the next generation iPhone 4G or even a Verizon iPhone.

This may be the case as the Big Red has a huge customer base which no doubt most would swap to the Verizon iPhone if it ever becomes available. As for the iPhone 4G, well everyone is waiting patiently for the next generation smartphone to hit.

The iPhone 4G as it is being called will eventually arrive and most if not all iPhone users will upgrade to it and thus may have a negative effect on iPad sales, especially when some see the iPad as just a large iPhone.

So maybe Apple should have held off releasing the iPad and pushed out a Verizon iPhone along with the iPhone 4G before releasing the iPad, that way they could have almost guaranteed iPad sales wouldn’t be affected by the other two; what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Apple should have released Verizon iPhone or 4G version before iPad”

  1. Paul says:

    People will buy what they buy. Some have an iPod (or two), an iPod Touch, and an iPhone (maybe two versions and soon to be three). To think someone with 3 or 4 devices that play music and maybe have other overlapping functionality will not buy another device that does some of the same things is a little far-fetched. You could create 3 different sized iPhones, one the normal size, one a little bigger, and one huge one and some people would buy all 3 of them just to have them all. In my opinion, if you already have a touch or an iPhone you probably don’t need the iPad but millions of people with nothing better to do with their money will still buy one…and another iPhone…and another (what’s next?).

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