iPhone 3GS Comes to India via Vodafone

It has been ages since the iPhone 3G first came out and it has been available in India for a while, but for some considerable time people in India have not been able to get hold of the next generation iPhone, the faster iPhone 3GS.

Well now according to an article over on lse, India’s 3rd largest mobile operator, Vodafone Essar has announced they are now selling the Apple iPhone 3GS in India.

Also apparently earlier this week India’s top mobile company, Bhartl Airtel said that they too will begin offering the Indian public the iPhone 3GS as of Friday.

So there it is, India has finally gained the iPhone 3GS, a little short of the next generation iPhone 4G being revealed, so it will probably be some time before India see an iPhone 4G hit their shores.

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