Video: Palm Pre Commercial: How it should have been done

Look here Palm and learn a lesson in just how to make a commercial for your smartphones. According to an article over on gizmodo via wired, a Palm Pre fan has knocked up their version of how a Palm Pre commercial should be.

Apparently this Palm webOS advert wasn’t made by Palm but rather by a fan called Heiko Thies, and actually does a far better job at selling the Palm Pre and Palm webOS than anything Palm has come up with.

If Palm had only dumped the creepy lady adverts and found this guy maybe the Palm Pre would have sold a lot more a lot sooner; lessons to be learnt in the art of commercial making, Palm.

Anyway we have said fan Palm webOS commercial below for your viewing pleasure, and I suggest you hit it up and check out just how a webOS advert should have been made…enjoy.

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