Applegirl002 uses iPhones to produce Beyonce and Lady Gaga hits

Say hello to the awesome Applegirl002, below there are two YouTube videos for you to watch and trust us they are stunning, she is in our minds a sensation.

Apple Girl002 before we tell our readers about you please do contact us and send us more material, the two videos below shows AppleGirl using 3 Apple iPhones in the first video and 4 in the other, the setup is very good indeed.

She uses the iPhones to perform ‘Irreplaceable’ by Beyonce and ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga, she is not only fantastic on the iPhone, she is also very good at singing as well.

Once again AppleGirl please do send us more of your amazing videos, please let us know what you think of her videos and what one you like the most. You can follow applegirl002 via Twitter as well.

Source — Macenstein and Tuaw


2 thoughts on “Applegirl002 uses iPhones to produce Beyonce and Lady Gaga hits”

  1. Dump Lady GA GA and take on this girl, she is awesome ……. I know she would be cheaper than GAGA, but this would make this girl a superstar ….. and she could share the wealth with Apple.
    She extols all the Apple iPhones virtues……..what GAG gonna do? ………flash her bits and stick an iPhone between her boobs ……. Power sales ?? ……….

    Applegirl for the Ads /

  2. Ross Sutherland says:

    She is fantastic. As she says though, she is using iPods rather than iPhones. Am sure you can run same software on both though.
    I’d vote for Applegirl. Be nice to see her achieve stardom on the crest of the ne iPhone launch wave

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